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or the so-called outside means nothing to me

by Sibylle Berg 


24.01.2020 to 01.03.2020

A polyphonic monologue about women and the “nothing” of the modern capitalist world.

Once described as “the most violent eye-liner in Germany”, Sibylle Berg, who lives and works in Zurich, is considered by many the most vibrant voice in the modern German-speaking world. With her literary and theatrical works translated into 34 languages, she casts a penetrating eye over the modern European metropolis. The simple and the everyday stuff of life is used with sarcasm and humour to outline the quality of a society which, as the writer says “reveals itself from the way in which we behave to the weak. To ourselves, that is, who could end up on the streets tomorrow due to chronic illness, losing our jobs, or some other bad luck.  Almost everywhere, the curious faith in the dominance of the most powerful is prevalent today. And the hatred of all those that have fallen, the weak and the sick, is – for many – the expression of the fear of their own collapse.”

Young women attempting to meet the demands of a modern capitalist society are at an impasse: trapped in their self-image, they see constant consumption as a one-way street, talk with mistrust about the role of the family, and are unable to believe in such a thing as true love. And although they despise the market, they make a living by selling their own drugs online. Feeling trapped in a world that promotes only fictitious needs and false choices, they have lost every incentive and wonder if there is anything worth fighting for. On stage, a dynamic chorus of women singly and collectively talk with scepticism about the meaning of “we”, illuminating – sometimes tenderly and sometimes harshly – an enraged “I” marinated in frustration and boundless loneliness.



Translation: Grigoris Liakopoulos  
Direction: Eleni Efthymiou
Dramaturgy Collaboration: Gerhild Steinbuch
Music Komposition: Lefteris Veniadis
Set - Light Design: Zoi Molyvda Fameli
Costume Design: Loukia Chouliara
Movement Desighn: Androniki Marathaki
Live video Design: Dimitris Zahos
Direction Assistant: Vaggelis Kosmidis
Photos: Karol Jarek


Eleni Efthymiou

Stella Nouli

Kitty Paitazoglou

Katerina Papandreou

Nancy Sideri

Kalliopi Simou

Natassa Sfendylaki

Anastasia Hatzara



Giorgos Boukaouris




And now Eleni Efthymiou

The new direction of Eleni Efthymiou gives the signal of urgency - on the sharp like a blade - work by Sibile Berg. The performance puts E.Efthymiou definitively on the map of new priority creators.  

from the rare times that a women's chorus is so perfectly orchestrated out of an ancient tragedy


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