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an opera by Sofia Kamayanni 
on the libretto of Eleni Zafeiriou based on by Nâzim Hikmet's fairy tale

Greek National Opera Alternative Stage - Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center JANUARY 2022


The GNO Alternative Stage opens the 2022 season with an enchanting fairy tale from the East, a hymn to humanity. The new opera for children and young audiences A Cloud in Love by composer Sofia Kamayianni on a libretto by Eleni Zafiriou based on Nâzım Hikmet’s fairy tale of the same title comes to the GNO Alternative Stage at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center to take audiences on a journey to far-away places and times through the power of music and poetry. A performance of high symbolisms and emotional richness, A Cloud in Love will run from 8 January 2022 for ten unique performances. 

With eyes set on the dimension of collectivity, which marks the aesthetic and political standpoint of the original material, the operatic adaptation by composer Sofia Kamayianni and author Eleni Zafiriou stands out thanks to its bold dramaturgical choice to cast the award-winning Rosarte children’s and youth choir in the narrator’s role, as a character that gets involved in the events, comments, sympathises and takes a stand for fairness and brotherhood. The seven-member instrumental ensemble is conducted by Sofia Kamayianni; Eleni Efthymiou, one of the most remarkable directors of the younger generation, directs.


A Cloud in Love by celebrated Turkish poet Nâzım Hikmet is a genuinely romantic allegory for idealistic activism, which enduringly moves us to this date thanks to the honesty and sensitivity with which it praises universal values such as freedom, solidarity, friendship, the struggle for social justice, self-sacrifice, and deep love for life, while condemning the violence of war, exploitation and greed.

Among his other works, Nâzım Hikmet also penned short stories inspired by his home country’s tradition. They are written in the form of didactic fairy tales targeted at children of all ages. A Cloud in Love is one of these short tales, ripe with elevated thoughts and lofty feelings.


Libretto: Eleni Zafiriou, based on Nâzım Hikmet’s fairy tale of the same title

Conductor: Sofia Kamayianni

Stage director: Eleni Efthymiou

Set & costume designer: Evangelia Kirkine

Choreographer: Elena Gerodimou

Masks: Martha Foka

Lighting designer: Katerina Maragoudaki

Chorus mistress: Rosie Mastrosavva

Eleni Efthymiou -in replacement of Miranda Makrynioti- (Ayşe), Yiannis Filias (Cloud), Vassilis Dimakopoulos (Kara Seyfi)

Featuring the Rosarte children’s and youth choir


Musicians: Stefanos Chatzianagnostou (flute), Filandros Kàrras (clarinet, bass clarinet), Spyros Vergis (trombone), George Boukaouris (percussion), Elena Lazaretou (piano), Tasos Gousetis (violin), Dimitris Kottaridis (cello)
Ney (pre-recorded): Fotis Mylonas





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