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Eftychologion is a happening directed and performed by Eleni Efthymiou as part of Thessaloniki's Christmas Celebration 2017. This happening, was taking place in five different places of the Thessaloniki's town. 

1st station/At Aristotelous square Eleni was giving to random people cards that they could wish something to other random people in the town. 2nd station/Then walking in the streets Eleni, as a "lottery seller" she gave these cards to other people as an anonymous gift to them. 3rd station/Afterwards Eleni was putting a microphone at Agias Sofia's square and asked people to wish something to other people publicly. 4rth station/At another corner of Agias Sofia's square was placed a handmade wish-private space were people could wish for themselves and write their wish in a notebook. 5th station/On the day of New year's eve Celebration all the wishes that had passed by Eleni's hands to other people were projected in public.

Consept: Eleni Efthymiou

Wish assistant: Vaggelis Kosmidis

Performers: People in the streets of Thessaloniki


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