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He hit me at 2:45,

Peiramatiki Skini tis "Technis" - Dimitria Festival 2012.

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 After MITOS 21 10min. project, based on Eleonore Mercier's book Je suis completement battue and presented at Bergman Festival of Stockholm, the performance I was hit at 14:45 was directed as a full length version of a domestic violence documentary play, using also other texts from real stories as well as texts from Roland Barthes and Charles Baudelaire. I was hit at 14:45 was presented at Dimitria Festival of Thessaloniki 2012 and it was a co-production between Dimitria Festival and "Peiramatiki Skini tis "Technis". 

Video Trailer


Translation: Nikiforos Papandreou

Direction - Music: Eleni Efthymiou

Set Designer - Costumes: Elisabet Antapassi

Light Designer: Zoi Molyvda Fameli

Music - Sound Designer: Kostas Vomvolos

Assistant to the director: Christina Birbili Karaleka

Dramaturgy: Anastasia Tzellou

Cast: Sophia Antoniou, Eleni dimopoulou, Stathis Mavropoulos, Christina Birbili Karaleka, Christos Paliogiannis, Vassili Troufakou, Anastasia Chantzara and a Choir of twelve more women.

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