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Listen to the Rythm


Tv advertisement for the Celebration of International Down Syndrome's Day

The real id of Geena Davis


Based on Richard Flanagan's novel The unknown terrorist.

Drop it


A shortfim directed by Reene Gkatsi and artisticly directed by Kirki Karali that was awarded with the PLURAL+ Balkan Media Education Centre Award and the PLURAL+ Barcelona Forum of Cultures Award.

Rethinking Krisis-Open Festival Venice 2012

August 2012

A road-music performance about the irony of glamurus events during "The crisis". 

Dance me to the end of Greece

September 2011-February 2012

A devised story made from texts writen by romantics philhelenes-wanderes in Greece focusing on the love of antiquity in contradiction with the illicit trade in antiquities and the antihelenic situation between Greeks nowadays. Directed by Kyriaki Spanou.

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Nella Tempesta

August, 2013, Biennale di Venezia

A happening at the roads of Venice leaded by Motus Theatre Company, part of the performance "Nella Tempesta" at Biennale of Venice, 2013.

No body else

Feb.-May 2011

A performance made by short stories of human body and its mechanisms. Directed by Kirki Karali.

Dangerus Days, Normal Days

June-August, 2010

A trilogy on violence, love and death directed by Kirki Karali.

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