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The Island of Slaves

Pierre de Marivaux 

Kozani’s Municipal and Regional Theatre and Tour in villages of Northern Greece



Plot: Four people, the sole survivors of a shipwreak, climb out of the sea. Two of them are masters, and two of them are servants; and all four are about to discover what life feels like when the boot is on the other foot. An ironic, music performance focused on how system trap people into roles and lead them lose their humanity.

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Direction & Music: Eleni Efthymiou

Dramaturgy: Sophia Eftichiadou

Set Design: Zoi Molyvda Fameli

Costumes: Ilenia Douladiri

Lighting Design: Richard Anthony

View point Technique: Irida Nikolaou

Assistant to the director: Michalis Fragiadakis

Sound Design & Orchestration: Odysseas Gkallios

Production: Kozani’s Municipal and Regional Theatre

Cast: Sophia Antonio, Stephanos Achillews, Panagiotis Papaioannou, Caterina Sisinni, Valantis Frangos

The Island of Slaves, Teaser

The Island of Slaves, Trailer 

Excerpts from the performance

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