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Theatre works


directed by Eleni Efthymiou.

The Island of Slaves.
Premiere June, 2015.
Four people, the sole survivors of a shipwreak, climb out of the sea. Two of them are masters, and two of them are servants; and all four are about to discover what life feels like when the boot is on the other foot.
Read more: The Island of Slaves
The "Other" home.
Premiere February, 2016.
What is a ‘home’? Is a person with disabilities free to mould the environment in which they live? Is the welfare system equipped to cater for individual needs and desires? And who’s there to answer the anguished question every parent asks: “What will happen to my child when I am gone?”.
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Antigone, Jean Anouilh

Premiere July, 2016.

Youth and old age, beauty and ugliness, power and weakness, justice and injustice are juxtaposed to reveal a fearful society awash with corruption and self-interest, a society back at square one. 

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The fan-man or how to dress an elephant.
Premiere February, 2014.

A series of everyday, “unique” stories on being different, disability and the people who relate to it. It is the result of the cooperation within a mixed group called “En Dynamei”, which consists of young people with potential abilities, people of the same age, parents and friends. 


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"..." (Dots) based on Ingmar Berman's Persona.
Premiere October, 2013.

An adaptation based on Ingmar Bergman's Persona script. The first version of the performance was the disserdation of Marilou Vomvolou, presented in November of 2012 at Drama Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Read more: Persona

Premiere March 2013
A project of MITOS 21 European Theatre network for young directors from Europe and young actors-students of Universitat Mozarteum of Salzburg on Borders and Bridges, Stories on moving geographies. Co-director Kirki Karali.


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The real identity of Geena Davis
Premiere February 2013.


An adaptation based on Richard Flanagan's novel The Unknown Terrorist directed and acted by Eleni Efthymiou and Vassiliki Troufakou. A politic performance refered to fabricate news by Media. Music by Lena Platonos.


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He hit me at 2:45


Premiere October 2012

After MITOS 21 10min. project, based on Eleonore Mercier's book Je suis completement battue and presented at Bergman Festival of Stockholm, the performance I was hit at 14:45 was directed as a full length version of a domestic violence documentary play, using also other texts from real stories as well as texts from Roland Barthes and Charles Baudelaire. I was hit at 14:45 was presented at Dimitria Fesival of Thessaloniki and it was a co-production between Dimitria Festival and "Peiramatiki Skini tis "Technis".


View more: He hit me at 2:45 (Dimitria Festival)

He assaulted me at 2:45
Premier June 2012.


A project by MITOS 21 European Theatre Network for young directors of Europe based on Eleonor Mercier's book Je suis completemnt battue presented at Begman Festivalen 2012 in Dramaten Theatre of Stockholm.


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Wonderful, wonderful times
Premiere June 2012


Read more: Wonderful, wonderful times

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